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2017.07.07 (Friday)

19.15-20.00 – SLOW BLOOMER (de)

20.30-21.15 – MESSED UP (by)

21.45-22.30 – MUMRUNNER (fin)

23.00-23.45 – KOTORI (lt)


01.30-02.30 – VILNIAUS ENERGIJA (lt)

02.30-03.30 – TOHUWABOHU (at)

03.30-05.00 – DIREKTORIUS (lt)

05.00-07.00 – WEEVIL (lt)

2017.07.08 (SATURDAY)

13.00-14.30 – BADBLOOD (lt)

14.30-16.00 – GONZALESS (lt)

16.30-17.15 – INFESTATION (lt)

17.45-18.30 – 70cm³ OF YOUR CHEST (de/lt)

19.00-19.45 – CRUCIAL FEATURES (lt)

20.15-21.00 – SPENGIMAS (lt)

21.30-22.15 – NO REAL PIONEERS (lt)

22.45-23.30 – PHRENETIX (lt)

00.00-00.45 – MUTEFISH (ie)

01.15-02.00 – TESA (lv)

02.00-04.00 – LOJA&SOJA (lt)

04.00-05.30 – E-ROOT (lt)

2017.07.09 (SUNDAY)

12.00-14.00 – SOUNDSYSTERS (lt)

14.00-14.45 – MEKASDUO (lt)


17.30-18.15 – PARRANDA POLAR

18.15-?????? – surprise surf band (ire)


:: SOCCER :: Just like each year there’s gonna be “Dusty Turf” soccer tournament. Get your team together, register at the infospot and win the cup!
:: VOLLEYBALL :: For the first time this year there’s gonna be volleyball tournament. Get your team together and register at the infospot.
:: PADIRBTUVĖS :: On the Saturday afternoon there’s gonna be a silkscreening infoshop in the bar area. Bring your shirt or anything and print one of the Swampfest images by yourself.



LAVYSABALE is a dry swamp in the midst of beautifull forests of Dzukija district located between Mergezeris, Ziurai and Lavysas villages, between Varena and Marcinkonys towns. There’s a big clear pond in festival area, cosy to swim. 15 minutes by feet through the forest you can reach beautifull lake of Lavysas. Forest is full with mushrooms, berries, etc.


Coming by car:
Just as you enter Varena (the 2nd one, not Senoji Varena), turn right on the first traffic lights following direction Marcinkonys. Drive straight for 8 km and find a sign pointing “NEMUNO BURIO PARTIZANU ZUTIES VIETA” pointing to the right. Take the turn and follow forest road for a couple km until you reach a crossroad with “resting point” and Swampfest sign telling you to turn left. Couple more km and you’ll find another sign telling that Swampfest is on your left. Welcome.


Coming by public transport:
Here we have a couple options. You can take a bus from Vilnius to Perloja (Druskininkai direction) and then walk 6 km through forest to Lavysabale. In Perloja you need to go to the town center and following the road besides church and cemetery find a bridge through Merkys river. After you cross the river follow the map and Swampfest signs.

You can as well take a buss to Varena, or even better, take a train to Varena and bring your bicycle – less walking, more fun.


:: Donation for the festival is 25 money at the door.

:: N-18.No underage people are allowed without responsible grown up. And there’s no place for negotiation.

:: You’re not allowed to have glass or any other sharp/breakable stuff (like knives or axes) in festival area. You’ll get both cold and warm beverages at the site, don’t bring in too much.

:: RESPECT THE DEPOSIT! Don’t smash neither cans nor plastic bottles. There’s gonna be bags marked with Deposit sign all over the place.

:: Recycle! There’s gonna be separate bags for paper, plastic, deposit and “other” trash. If you use recyclable plates, forks, cups or anything, please recycle. The less trash – the better. If you have possibility, bring your loved plate, cup, spoon and fork with you.

:: COMPOST. There’s gonna be a blue container with “kompostas” sign in the bar area. All organic leftovers go there. Please, no animal based stuff.

:: DON’T TRASH AROUND. Please don’t leave stuff anywhere, don’t bring stuff from forest to the valley, leave it as you found and swamp will say thank you.

:: IMPORTANT!!! Only start fire in assigned fireplaces. There’s dry turf under your feet, don’t burn the swamp! There’s gonna be firewood by the fireplaces. If you run out, get some more in the bar area. And be careful with cigarette butts.

:: STOP lines are important. There’s not gonna be many, but please respect festival rules and don’t cross the STOP lines.

:: Don’t swim drunk, don’t let others do that. Pond is cozy, but deep and dangerous too. NO SHAMPOO IN THE POND!!!

:: Got questions? Come to the infospot, we’re cool to chat with.



Contacts // // +37060566465